Your clients often have unique requirements for their websites. Finding elegant solutions needn't be a painstaking task.

You may need to bridge the gap between your client’s requirements and what you can currently deliver. You may need integration with an external site. Or perhaps your site just needs a tweak that is unavailable. We create and implement off the shelf solutions and customise existing functionality.

Custom Solutions

We provide custom solutions

Our team provides custom coding and purpose-built WordPress plugins to add functionality to your projects. Our solutions are designed specifically to meet your needs. 

Automation & integrations

Custom post types & taxonomies

Ecommerce & payment gateways

Online tickets & events management​

Complex forms

Any WP customisation


Most frequently asked questions and answers

We certainly can. We’ll work with you to iron out a clear brief from your requirements. If you accept our quote, we’ll get to work straight away and build your custom plugin from scratch. We’ll then test and make it live (if you need us to). 

Once your newly-created plugin is tested and delivered, it’s your software and will be yours to use how you like.

Supporting our work is what makes our clients confident in returning to us and referring us to others. We take ownership of our work – it’s good for business!

We use off the shelf plugins where appropriate for your project. In most cases it makes sense to use components that have already been tried and tested, and are being actively updated by their developers. This keeps costs down for you and further enforces our future-proof philosophy. We’ll discuss all the details from the off, so you’ll have no surprises.

We charge an hourly rate for ad-hoc work and troubleshooting. For projects we will quote you a fixed fee, so there’s no surprises and you can confidently quote your clients in turn. Our project fees are based on time, effort and complexity so you’ll see consistent pricing across your projects.


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