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Are you exceeding client expectations with your WordPress capabilities?

Feeling totally confident that you can give your clients everything they ask for with quick turnaround times on all things WordPress?

Creatives, PR and marketing agencies have varying levels of skills and experience with WordPress, most of which get them through, until clients request more advanced functionality. It’s at this point many struggle and sometimes end up turning down projects, rather than trying to muddle through.

You need to make WordPress websites work for you and your clients by providing the highest levels of functionality to realise its full potential in creating truly bespoke client solutions.

Ask yourself, how much business have you lost in the last 12 months due to a lack of WordPress skills? This will be what you actually know, the real picture could be very different in that some clients may have never even approached you in the first place.

How much more business could you be gaining from your current client base with the most experienced of WordPress web developers to hand? The potential is massive.

Tens of thousands of pounds in lost revenue each year is possibly missed by designers, creatives and marketing agencies that are failing to meet all of challenges their clients are presenting them, and it’s very likely hitting their bottom line.

Let’s take a look and pin down some key WordPress challenges.

Some of the challenges we hear about from agency owners

Here are the challenges that Viaworks discovered creatives and agencies are struggling with:

  1. We just can’t meet the big ideas and demands of our clients
    so end up turning down work, especially when it comes to WordPress functionality. It’s more hassle than it’s worth. So, it’s either basic WordPress sites or nothing at all.
  2. Time is money…
    We struggle to meet the customers desired timings and tend to be late with builds, improvements and tweaks due to resource limitations or learning on the go.
  3. Cost-focused not client-focused
    We work with overseas providers to enable us to manage costs effectively, but the time it takes to complete all work accurately, manage the time difference and language barriers to achieve exactly what we want are enough to drive you mad.
  4. Winning proposals, but scratching the surface…
    We can win the work, but we can’t deliver exactly what the client wants. Hey ho, plenty more fish and all that.
  5. Ongoing support & questions from the client
    We can’t manage the ongoing maintenance, technical queries, requests for support, functionality, improvements and troubleshooting, so we just avoid all this as best we can, or charge extortionate rates to justify the time and resources involved.
  6. Losing work, losing clients
    We often turn down work as we simply cannot give the client what they want. In turn we then lose out on other non-related work and recommendations.
  7. Reputation management comes at a cost
    Being honest about our limitations around in-house WordPress capabilities negatively impacts our reputation and the amount of work we get.
  8. No focus on WordPress
    As an integrated agency or designer, it’s difficult to give the required focus to WordPress work, we focus on where our passions lie (which is usually design) and WordPress remains way down the list.
  9. We don’t have time for the learning curve
    Understanding the full technical capabilities of WordPress is too time consuming, providing bog standard websites is as far as we go. We can’t justify the time and costs involved so we muddle through or admit defeat to the client.

In many cases, WordPress Developers, creatives, designers and agencies don’t have the full mix of skills and experience required to fully meet the ever-increasing demands of their clients to overcome these top challenges. This results in low margin work, lost work, falling short of the mark or working within set limitations. All in all, clients are left dissatisfied, trust is lost, and the prospects of long-term business relationships are hampered together with reputation.

Managing the client’s expectations to manage your own reputation is key.

Reputation is key, what do you want your business to be known for when it comes to WordPress websites?

  • Great build, functionality and development skills
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Quick and accurate
  • Always on-hand to support
  • Proactive
  • Provide long-term website solutions that grow with your business
  • Make web investments work as well as possible for the client
  • Easy to use and future proof for a sound ROI

WordPress is King!

The flexibility of WordPress is it’s secret (or not-so-secret) weapon. Being able to plug in ready-made components or create your own functionality to enhance the platform, is what makes for a ‘future-proof’ system that you can hand to your clients knowing they can hit the ground running.

That’s why top brands – Time Magazine, Facebook, Sony, Disney, to name a few, use WordPress.

WordPress continues to go from strength to strength

  • Easy to manage, powerful and robust
  • Easy to use and flexible (WordPress currently powers 32% of all websites on the internet according wp.beginner.com)
  • No limitations – you can create any type of website with WordPress
  • Easy functionality and customisation for all levels of ability
  • Ability to handle different types of media – video, images, audio.
  • SEO friendly for positive search engine recognition
  • Designed and built with security in mind

So whilst WordPress is a solid and flexible content management system that’s ideal for your clients, we know that the complexity and cost of meeting your clients’ project requirements can be a serious to winning new work and repeat business.

That’s why we created Viaworks, the White-label WordPress development agency for digital agencies and designers. We provide WordPress development, custom solutions and troubleshooting for your clients’ WordPress projects.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you grow your business.

David Orchard

David Orchard

David is the founder of Viaworks, which develops custom WordPress solutions for creative agencies. When not working on the business or helping clients, David can be found building Lego with his two young sons.

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